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Tau Series LED Tunnel Lighting

Artemis LED Tau Series LED Tunnel Lighting» The Artemis LED Tau Series. Another 24/7 application – tunnel lighting – was a clear target for Artemis. In a place where maintenance is cumbersome, expensive and even potentially dangerous, LED showed a positive solution. Enter the Tau series of LED tunnel lighting. Allowing for energy efficiency and long life, the Tau series is ready to illuminate your way through life’s passageways.

Tunnel Lighting

T-003-TL-60W: 60 Watt LED Tunnel Light

T-003-TL-60W: 60 Watt Tunnel Light

T-003-TL-120W: 120W LED Tunnel Light

T-003-TL-120W: 120W Tunnel Light

T-003-TL-180W: 180W LED Tunnel Light

T-003-TL-180W: 180W Tunnel Light