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Iota Series Indoor Commercial LED Lighting

Artemis LED Iota Series LED Indoor Commercial Lighting» The Artemis LED Iota Series. Is it time to replace or repair your existing commercial lighting again? Are you relamping every year to keep your retail space bright? Commercial lighting has come a long way and it’s now possible to slash your energy and maintenance costs by utilizing our Iota series. An additional bonus is that these sturdy LEDs do not have the same breakage risks associated with traditional lamps.

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LED High Bay Light Fixtures

E-018-HB-30/50/60: 30-60W LED High Bay

E-018-HB-80/100: 80-100W LED High Bay

E-018-HB-120/150/200: 120-200W LED High Bay

LED Panel Light

I-011-PANEL-39/74: 39-74W LED Panel Light