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ALPHA Series LED Street Lights

» The Artemis LED ALPHA Series. To some, LED technology has practically become synonymous with street lighting. The prospect of widely adopted, energy efficient lighting is extremely compelling! City streets, highways, parks and developments worldwide rely on effective lighting on busy roads, pathways and parking lots. As such, one of our highest priorities is to create the most reliable, efficient and easy to maintain street lighting fixtures possible.

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A-002 Series

A-002-SL-32: 32 Watt/24 LED

A-002-SL-68: 68 Watt/54 LED

A-002-SL-98: 98 Watt/80 LED

A-002-SL-136: 136 Watt/110 LED

A-002-SL-173: 173 Watt/140 LED

A-009 Series

A-009-SL-72: 72 Watt/56 LED

A-009-SL-145: 145 Watt/112 LED

A-009-SL-220: 220 Watt/168 LED

360º Lamp

42W 360 Degree LED Lamp

42W 360 Degree LED Lamp